Wednesday, July 15, 2020

This Causes Impotence at a Young Age

Did you know that people's lifestyles that tend to be increasingly unhealthy also make more and more young men experience problems of impotence or erectile dysfunction. For those who already have a partner, this condition of impotence will certainly interfere with their sexual life or can even trigger domestic disharmony.

This fact was revealed in a study whose results were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine . In this study, it was found that the number of young men with age less than 40 years actually experienced this impotence. Actually, what causes this impotence at a young age?

The habit of consuming alcoholic drinks Alcoholic

drinks can act as a depressant in the nervous system which would certainly inhibit communication between the brain and body. This certainly will affect the performance of the nervous system to make the penis erect. As a result, men will experience impotence.

Smoking habits

Who says smoking is a symbol of virility? In reality smoking in the long term can trigger impotence. The amount of nicotine deposition in the body will trigger an cialis uninterrupted flow of blood, including the penis so that it can cause this vital organ for men to have an erection.


Depression or excessive anxiety because of various things can actually give a bad influence on the brain. This will also make men lose sexual arousal and eventually experience erectile disorders.

Consumption of certain drugs

Some types of certain drugs intended to treat high blood pressure can affect the performance of arteries in the flow of blood, including those that go to vital organs. This can make blood flow that can cause erections in the penis is blocked.

The use of hair growth products in

the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012 states that hair growth drugs that contain propecia if used long term can affect male libido and also increase the risk of greater impotence.

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