Morphological Definition

In Indonesian there are various forms. The word sad, happy, and happy is a morpheme. The words sad, happy, and fun are two morphemes, namely morphemes as affixes, and sad morphemes, which are the basic form as well as happy and happy morphemes consisting of two morphemes.

The word happy Morfologi consists of two morphemes, namely happy morphemes as the basic form followed by happy as morphemes again. Everything related to the form of the word that is the object of a science is called morphology.

Morphology is used in various branches of science. Morphology literally means 'knowledge of forms' (morphos).

Here are some of the sciences that use the name morphology:

Morphology (linguistics)
A field of linguistics that studies the formation of words or morphemes in a language.
Morphology (biology)
The study of the forms of organisms, especially animals and plants which includes their parts.
The study of rocks and extraterrestrial shapes.

Morphological Understanding Acco…


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Now take a peek about how Google works to better understand the concept of topical search. The search engine software that is supported by many algorithms. First, it reads your website, articles, content and 'indexes' them and forms a database. 
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9 Ways To Improve, We understand how important the response to this question is, so we have noted a proven strategy for growing your blog traffic. At this age of information, every person who understands these techniques will not remain in the lead.
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Google search engine settings are safe for children

Google search engine settings are safe for children - The purpose of this writing is that Google's search engine does not present results that are not appropriate for family members, recruiting our children. 

Our children are getting assignments from school, both in elementary school, junior high and high school, to look for data that is related to their lessons on the internet. For example, traditional houses or traditional dances from various regions, 
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But unfortunately, sometimes in the Google search results list there are also search results that are not appropriate for them, as exemplified in the video at the end of this article.
Nowadays to access the internet is very easy since the advent of smartphones and tablets. So we have to do Google settings on their smartphone / tablet devices and laptops or computers that I will also use. A. Settings Google search en…

Tricks on How to Make Active Links in Blog Comments

How to Make Active Links in Blog Comments =  One way to create backlinks on other people's blogs will be how to save all the active links that link to each site address / blog. If we are visiting other people's blogs, then we will also comment on the blog, of course, it will be useful for storing backlinks in the comments column.

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Maybe a lot of people don't know how to save active links in comments, because it requires a little spice of HTML code to make these active links. Here is an HTML Code Tag that can bring up the active link:
Cоntоh No 1: Link Anchor Text Normal
<a href=""></a>
Then the results will look like this in a blog comment:
Cоntоh No 2: Link Anchor Text dеngаn huruf tebal (Bold)
<b><a href=""…

Google Adsense Play Tricks

For those of you who are messing around with Google Adense, maybe the article is about to add to your insights about Google Adense.

First: Format AdsChoose the appropriate ad format. You may choose banners, skyscrappers, squares, links and so on. You may view it and vote at
Make sure the choice of ads will suit your online business website. I recommend you use 336x280 and 300x250 ads for the middle of the web. Second: Make sure the Ads don't look like AdsThird: Use Text Ads.Select Text ads, people will not click on the image. Use text ads, people will definitely click if it looks link from your website. Imagine if you were going to be a visitor, you would just click the picture ?? Fourth: Designfor the web with AdSense. Do not hide your ads. Do not place ads in places that are not seen by travelers. There is nothing that will click if it is hidden. Five: Remove the BorderMake sure the border ads are matched with the background color of the web. C…