Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease, caused by disruption of insulin secretion from the pancreas which causes an increase in blood sugar. Diabetes is chronic with blood sugar levels that are far above normal. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, which attacks less than 10 percent of people with diabetes, and type 2 diabetes, which accounts for more than 90 percent of diabetes cases. Type 2 diabetes often occurs as a result of being overweight or not actively moving / exercising. About 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and half are male. In various regions in Indonesia the incidence and prevalence is also quite high.Symptoms of diabetes include frequent hunger, lots of drinking, frequent urination, tingling, cramps, and others. In the long run, uncontrolled diabetes can cause various complications, such as heart problems, stroke, blindness, kidney damage, foot infections, and erectile dysfunction.Erectile dysfunction and impotence are the most common complications. By definition erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and or maintain an erection during intercourse.This sexual dysfunction includes libido disorders, ejaculation problems, and impotence. cialis en farmacias

Men who have diabetes are at risk of 2 to 3 times experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence. From the latest analysis, in men the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is 1 -10% at the age of less than 40 years, 2 -9% between the ages of 40 - 49 years, and increases to 20 - 40% between the ages of 60-69 years, reaching levels highest in older men. To get an erection, men need to be good in terms of blood vessels, nerves, hormonal, and sexual stimulation. An unsatisfactory intimate relationship can cause feelings of guilt and rejection.The relationship of diabetes with erectile dysfunction.When a man gets stimulation from outside, the brain will command the penis to be more relaxed so that blood can enter and collect into the organ, then it becomes an erection easily. This process is also aided by the presence of nitric oxide in the blood. This process does not work well in men who have diabetes. When the body gets stimulated nitric oxide can not be produced in large quantities. High blood sugar levels cause damage to the substance and ultimately the signal to make an erection can not be conveyed by the brain.Diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control erections. First, because of sensory nerve disorders (taste nerves), motor nerves (nerve nerves), and sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nerves. Second, an increase in blood sugar causes the narrowing of blood vessels in male vital organs, so that blood flow becomes smooth and blood vessel disorders occur.In this case, plaque formation will occur in the blood vessels thereby reducing the amount of blood flowing to the sexual organs.

Other problems associated with diabetes such as heart disease, depression, drug use, and surgery (eg bladder, intestine, prostate) can increase the chance of sexual dysfunction in people with diabetes.Treatment A. Change a healthier lifestyleThe first thing to do is to change your lifestyle towards a healthier way. Lifestyle includes eating healthy foods and regular physical exercise. Eating healthy foods for diabetics will be very helpful especially in controlling blood sugar and reducing complications in blood vessels and nerves.Doing exercise regularly, at least 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes every day (within 5 days). Exercise not only helps in the process of controlling blood sugar and weight but exercise can also improve blood circulation, improve fitness, lose weight, improve blood sugar / fat profile and reduce stress levels.B. Reducing alcohol consumptionIf you frequently consume excessive alcohol per day then it will be very dangerous and will even worsen the condition of erectile dysfunction, alcohol will also increasingly interfere with blood sugar.C. Stop smokingReal and clear smoking must be avoided, because smoking can cause a narrowing of blood vessels and reduce levels of nitric oxidants which can reduce blood flow to the vital organs so that it will worsen the condition of erectile dysfunction.D. Enough rest timeSufficient time to rest or sleep will also usually be closely linked to improve sexual problems in men. So make sure that you can get enough rest to reduce impotence.Erectile dysfunction due to diabetes mellitus is difficult to treat medically despite advances in the drug approach. Erectile dysfunction due to diabetes is often resistant to treatment, so new approaches are needed for successful treatment.Medications that help drain blood to vital organs such as PDE5 inhibitors or sildenafil, hormone therapy, injections in the genitals and the use of prostheses.Closing Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease, caused by disruption of insulin secretion from the pancreas which causes an increase in blood sugar. Erectile dysfunction and impotence are the most common complications resulting from diabetes. The treatment is to change lifestyles and drugs.


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