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What is Link Building? How to Create the Right Link Building

SEO messaging as one of the digital marketing strategies began to be known and used by website owners (online business people). One of the SEO techniques used is link building.

Link Building is an SEO strategy that aims to get links from other sites. The more other website links lead to your website, the search engines will give a good assessment of your website.

However, did you know SEO Enterprises that in doing link building it can not be arbitrary? There are some specific rules that all website owners must abide by.

If you commit a violation, Google may award a penalty to your website. Even Google can take down your website from search results. Therefore, you need to know the correct link building practices.

In this article we will learn a few things about link building.

What is link building?

Link building is the SEO practice of getting links from other websites that lead to your website.

There are several reasons why a website gets backlinks, it could be because you are a business partner of the website, or because your website contains useful articles.

Link building is also known as "backlinks". And you need to remember that Google judges backlinks by their quality, not quantity.

Quality backlinks are backlinks that come from websites that are relevant, credible, and have stable traffic. A quality backlink though only one will beat 100 unqualified backlinks.

In fact, websites that have a lot of backlinks from spamming websites can get a penalty from Google. The website will appear again in the search results until the backlink is removed on the website.

Therefore, the link building activity you do should focus on finding high-quality backlinks.

Type of link building
Here are some types of link building that can produce quality backlinks and backlinks that should be avoided.

A. Natural link building
Natural link building is the best link building you can get. Many people will put your website link on your website.

This link building can occur if:

Others enter links from your content as a trusted source of information.
Others make your website an additional source for their content (citing one of the content on your website).
Interview with people associated with your website.
Enter your website as an infographic or statistics creator.
Well to get this type of link building, then you have to create high quality, interesting, updated, complete content, and provide benefits for many people.

B. Development Link
Link Building outreach is link building done by contacting website owners and asking them to install your website link.

The most common type of link building is often practiced, especially new websites and do not have good popularity.

However, those you contact (other owners) don't always agree to install backlinks. You should be able to give a clear reason and the benefits they will pass backlinks.

You should also contact the owner of a website that has the same topic as your website.

Usually link building outreach occurs when:

You become a sponsor for the website, so your website is mentioned in its content as a donor or sponsor of an event.
Press releases regarding the latest news related to your website or brand.
And eventually it becomes guest blogging, where you write articles to publish on other people's websites. Then, enter a link to your website.
C. Incorrect link building
Incorrect link building is the wrong link building and you should avoid it. As explained earlier, this type of link building will get sanctioned from search engines.

Some of the backlinks included in this type are:

Backlinks are paid because Google prohibits it is difficult to buy backlinks.
Spam in other people's comments by entering your own website link.
Spam in online forums intentionally creates topics/threads that contain a lot of backlinks to your own website.
As a website owner, avoid these 3 activities to get more quality backlinks.

Why is link building important in SEO?
If it is associated with the definition and purpose of link building itself, the reason why link building is important in SEO is because the number of links pointing to your website is one of the important ranking factors according to search engines.

That is, if you want to improve your website's ranking, one of the things you should do is how you can get a lot of links from other websites.

Not only a lot, the quality of the links obtained is also an important factor. If your website gets backlinks coming from spammy websites, then jasa backlink terpercaya instead it ranks your website worse in search engines.

How to Connect Building
There are 5 ways to do link building that can be implemented on any type of website or come from different business sectors.

1. Create quality content

To get quality backlinks, you also need to create high-quality content and provide benefits for many people. There are several types of content that usually get a lot of backlinks.

White sheet (white paper)
Photo gallery
To create quality content, we've learned in a previous article that discusses tips on writing quality content for SEO optimization, where there are 5 things to consider:

Determine the content topic.
Use the right keywords.
Create an interesting content title.
Create interesting content.
Enter the related link.
After creating content, contact the website directly relevant to your website. Ask them to install your content links on their website. This is the first step to growing the popularity of content.

2. Guest blogging.

Guest blogging is the link building done by being a guest (guest) on another website by writing articles to be published on other websites. Then enter a link to your own website.

Make sure the guest blogging you create is of good quality and not spamming. Because if the content is just spamming and violates Google's rules. Google will give you a penalty.

Be a blogging guest on a website that is relevant to your website, and have stable visit traffic.

3. Share content on online forums

To get backlinks, you can also share the content you create on one particular online forum.

Because when joining an online forum, you will find many people as members of the forum, especially if you can join a large forum, for example Kaskus.

Kaskus can help you increase the number of content readers and website visits, as Kaskus is a forum that has a variety of topics such as technology, culinary, sports, and other topics.

In addition to Kaskus, you can also join social media forums such as forums in Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups that are relevant to the topic of your website or niche website.

4. Broken link building

Broken links are broken links that are inaccessible to visitors or search engines.

And broken link building is a strategy that aims to help website owners fix existing broken links. How? Of course by providing a link to your website.

For example, if you find a broken link on a website, then you can create content that matches the broken link instead.

Still confused? In short, the process of broken links is as follows:

You do your research into the relevant website.
If you find a broken link, you see if there are any articles discussing broken links? Otherwise, you can create a special article to discuss broken links (as long as they're relevant).
Contact the website owner to replace the broken link with your website link.
5. Reclamation Link
Link reclamation is a strategy that aims to claim links that should be your right. This link building strategy is divided into several types.

A. LINK 404.
If there is a website that installs a link to your website, but the link leads to a page of your website that does not exist or has already been removed. So the error appeared 404.

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