Google Adsense Play Tricks

For those of you who are messing around with Google Adense, maybe the article is about to add to your insights about Google Adense.

First: Format Ads

Choose the appropriate ad format. You may choose banners, skyscrappers, squares, links and so on. You may view it and vote at

Make sure the choice of ads will suit your online business website. I recommend you use 336x280 and 300x250 ads for the middle of the web.

Second: Make sure the Ads don't look like Ads

Third: Use Text Ads.

Select Text ads, people will not click on the image. Use text ads, people will definitely click if it looks
link from your website. Imagine if you were going to be a visitor, you would just click the picture ??

Fourth: Design

for the web with AdSense. Do not hide your ads. Do not place ads in places that are not seen by travelers. There is nothing that will click if it is hidden.

Five: Remove the Border

Make sure the border ads are matched with the background color of the web. Change the color so that it looks like a portion of your web link.

Six: Color Text ads

The color of the text ads is also one of the forms. Make sure the text color for ads is like the color of your web text ...

Seven: Little Ads are Better

Sometimes, placing lots of ads will reduce our adsense revenue because of low-value ads that come out because there are too many ads. Use it on placements that feel a lot of clicks.

Eight: Include Google Search Box

Nine: Use Ads to the maximum

Use ads to the maximum. If you feel you need to use 3 ads on one page, use it. Make sure the position of the ads will be appropriate.

tenth: Make sure the web content is expensive keywords

Make sure the content of your online business web page contains high-value keywords. It will increase revenue even when the number of clicks is small.


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